Big Ups to the Big Up

The Main Stage at Night. Notice how light it's getting.The Big Up till Sun Up! Photo courtesy of Jillian Culver

Ah yes, the infamous Sunny View Farm. There are many legends and stories that surround this beatiful property. However from here on out Sunny View Farm will be known as one of the illest music and art venues in the Northeast. It now serves as a home for the newly created Big Up Music and Art Festival. The Big Up is the developing and always evolving creation of Shireworks productions. Shireworks is a production company that was launched in 2009 and since its birth has thrown some of the most primeire all night ragers that I’ve been to, with the Big Up being one of the best this summer(2010). The first two events thrown there were Shangri-La and Let it Roll. Both events were held last year and each was progressively better then the next. Then it was the Big Ups turn and the Big Up definitely took it to new heights. They not only one upped the other two events they produced, they quadrupled it. And I’m not just  talking about the number of people but the set up of the venue itself. Everything was bigger. The Big up had more camping, new Stages including the main stage, they had GIANT multimedia screens with crazy images being projected on them all night, huge bonfires, live art, local vendors, chill ass people, and of course music.

One thing that I loved about the Big Up was the lineup. It was cool because I knew some of the bands like Higher Organix and Pnuma Trio but the other half or so I had no idea who they were. One thing that the Big Up offered to its fans was that there weren’t any overlapping sets and because of the Tree Shurt Booths close proximity to all 3 stages we got to hear Everything! The band that kicked off the weekend festival was PBR, The Peoples Blues of Richmond.  Raz and I were drinking PBR’s before the set and the band members of PBR came over to our booth, commented on our choice of beers, and introduced themselves. After some conversing and sessioning, they left and took the stage. These motherfuckers rocked out. Definitely an ill mix of rock and blues. What a way to kick off the event.

Another feature that I liked about this Venue was the Woods camping.  The woods had really cool trails that were lit by generators at night time and offered plenty of space for people to set up camp.  Woods camping at any festival all ways provides an interesting blend of chaos mixed with chillness. Rothbury at Double JJ ranch had their stages setup throughout the woods but you couldn’t camp in there and  anyone who attended Berkfest in the early 2000’s knows how crazy it can get when you pack 10,000 people into the woods of a venue. Luckily for us and the Big Up, it was just the right mix of headiness and chillness and even in the woods you could catch some afternoon shade peacefully.

One of the things that I liked best about the Big Up and what  Shireworks Productions is doing, is their ambition to keep everything as local as possible. Most of the vendors and almost half the bands and musicians were local. With everyone trying to reduce their carbon footprint nowadays, it’s good to see a company taking the right steps at a more green lifestyle.  Some nationally known events are highly commercialized and all though they attempt to be green the actual  impact they have on the environment is huge. I also loved the variety of music the Big Up offered.  You’d be listening to some Jam music during the day and some funky ill dub beats at night. Anyways, Shout outs to all the 413 kids. Shout outs to all the locals that made it, Co. County up in this Bitch, Good Shit to Higher Organix and anyone who still hasn’t seen them you need to get on that shit. Shout outs to John M.  John is like a walking Tree Shurt encyclopedia for real. Shout outs to the Tree Shurt street team for all there help, and  props to Sunny View Farm for letting us rage out on their property all weekend.  As long as there is a Big Up Music Festival, Tree Shurts will be right there representing and supporting.


Now entering…. The Woods oooohuhahaha. Photo courtesy of Jillian Culver

Now that you've entered it's time to Party in the woods.

Photo Courtesy of Jillian Culver

Higher Organix. Photo Courtesy of Jillian Culver

The Booth

Peace and Tree's

Another raffle winner. This time a Tree Shurt Autographed by Bands from The Big Up

Spark it Up. Photo courtesy of Jillian Culver


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