Tree Shurts at the HIgh Times Denver Cannabis Cup


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2012 Tree Shurts Top Ten New Years Resin-lutions

10. Legalize Trees Worldwide.

9. Turn the Winnebaker into a fully submersible, off-roading, hovering Jet.

8. Build and Unite the Tree FAM into a International Mecca.

7. Make a spacecraft so we can send Trees to other life forms in order to keep Universal Peace.

6. Switch out the pastry platter in the Oval Office with the Tree Shurt special pastry platter.

5. The Tree Shurt Polar Bear will stop stealing all the flyest highest girls.

4. Grow a Tree that produces only stemless bowl sized nugs.

3. Get in contact with Nike to create the Air Trees Sneaker… A fully smokeable Sneaker Contraption.

2. Keep Calm and Blaze Trees. The world may end in 2012.

And the Number One 2012 Tree Shurt Resin-lution….

1. Have Letterman read our Resin-lutions on National TV.

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Tree shurts collection 4

We have been hard at work in the Tree House getting ready for the luanch of our next collection of shurts. Collection 4 features Shurts that were picked by our fans in a poll called “Smoke The Vote”. The top six strains outta 20 listed are:

Alaskan Thunderfuck


Green Crack

Mr. Nice Guy

Purple Haze

Sensi Star






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The chronic pulls of BHO blogger

Hitman glass torch
Get your torch and dabber ready cause this ain’t the schwag your parents smoked back in the day. This  is some straight next level shit. It wasnt enough to have 40% hashes and  keifs.  No. The marijuana culture had to one up the weed game and introduce us to the world of Dabs. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the concentrate game, let me explain. Most hashes and keifs are made organically using bubble bags, or screens, and water. Pretty simple. These tactics don’t involve a chemical process. Now let’s get into the concentrates. BHO hash oil is by far the most common I have come across. BHO stands for butane hash oil. This  method involves using heady buds, yes the buds and not the trim, or at least the good trim not just leaves and stalk,  and extracting the trichomes with butane or another form of compressed gas. The compressed gas comes out so cold it freezes the trichomes, then converts back to a liquid that dissolves the THC so that the liquid can be collected and the trichomes extracted. The extraction process involves evaporating the liquid butane so that all thats left is pure cannabinoids. These  methods can produce an extract at very high levels of purity. This stuff tastes so good it’s hard to put into words. Like you just licked the sap from a skunky pine tree. Now I know what your thinking, you want to ask if you smoke it on a bowl like hash? Well, not exactly. Because of it’s concentrated purity and a very small amount of plant matter, the Hash oil will melt super fast when a lighter hits it and run right down into the bottom of your bowl and you will waste all of it. Ive come across some interesting methods of smoking hash oil or dabbing as the chronicseurs call it. There are domes with quartz nails that you heat up, bird house bong adapters, hand held essential vaporizers, and if your a high roller check out the concentrate glass Hitman is making with built in glass torches. That’s right, GLASS torches. This is some straight next level shit. and if your real gansta or just desperate you can free base that shit off an electric stove.    Now I highly recommend not trying to produce this yourself or at least get some training first. You wouldn’t want to go blowing your house down would ya? some say this is the future of medicine. Me? I think it’s just another beautiful step in the ever evolving world of weed.  Hey you think we’ll be able to grow straight THC crystals someday?  One can only hope….

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3rd Annual 420 Party – Video Blog 3 feat. DJ Trumastr

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3rd Annual 420 Party – Video Blog 2 – Be Exclusive

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3rd Annual 420 Party 2011 – Video Blog 1

First Video Blog for the Tree Shurts and Avid Artist Management 3rd Annual 420 Party. Don’t Miss It. Be Exclusive.

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